Over 30 Years of Renting Geophysical Survey Equipment
We believe that geophysical surveys are accurate, lower-cost methods of subsurface exploration—which is why we only carry equipment for these methods. Since our customers don't always have the budget or timing to purchase new systems, we let them pick and choose what they need to rent for their next project. We've been guiding our customers for over three decades, and we hope to continue on for many more.
For many years, we have been partnering exclusively with Advanced Geosciences, Inc. for high-quality, professional-grade geophysical equipment and customer support.
How SAGA Works
Step 1
Pick the dates you'll need your equipment on our online store.
Step 2
Create a cart & request the equipment that is available.
Step 3
We'll ship the equipment you rent to anywhere in the U.S.A!
Not sure what equipment you need?
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